Spa Services


Satori Signature Facial

This deeply nourishing facial will reverse the hands of time. Enjoy the amazing results and aromas of handcrafted & carefully blended all natural Satori Skincare products.  This relaxing service is customized to transform your skin while heavenly essential oil blends and relaxing massage techniques restore the mind.   

60min $105

Satori Indulgence Facial 

Indulge your senses and your skin with this luxurious facial that uses all natural power packed products to firm, tighten & restore balance to all skin types.  A wonderful relaxing facial massage contours and eliminates fine lines while also detoxing the lymph. A customized mask drenches the skin nutrients and restores radiance. This head to toe experience also includes a relaxing neck, shoulder & scalp massage and continues on to the feet for reflexology.

90min $145

Interludes of Enlightenment Therapy

This powerful method combines the application of specific therapeutic essential oils and corresponding gemstones along energy meridians of the spine.This helps to improve all aspects of well being. Re-balancing both physical, emotional and energetic levels to relieve pain, release emotional stress & restore vitality.             

60min $105 

90min $145 

Detox and Firm Body Wrap                                                                              

Enjoy this all over body mask using a blend of detoxifying ingredients including grapefruit, honey, natural clays and activated charcoal.  While the body mask is on to draw out toxins, exfoliate, stimulate circulation of the skin and lymph, you also receive a facial, relaxing scalp massage and reflexology. After the mask is removed with soothing warm towels a detoxing blend of oils is massaged into the skin leaving skin soft, subtle and firmer. 

120min $205   


The study of how all of the organs of the body are linked to the nerve endings of the feet. This relaxing foot massage stimulates all the different nerve endings which helps to detox and rebalance all of the organs of the body to run in  a state of harmony & homeostasis.                                                                                     

30min $45 

60min $95 

Ionic Foot Bath

This soothing foot  uses an negative ionic charge that acts as a magnet to draw out large amounts of toxins through the soles of the feet.  Many of my clients have reported seeing amazing results changes after this detox such as less joint pain, being able the breath easier, more energy, less headaches and more mental clarity. 

30min $45 

with reflexology $95 

Bio~Resonance Therapy

This highly advanced technology uses specific electromagnetic vibration to pinpoint the healing of organs and or ailments of the body.  As you probably already know each cell and organ resonates at a specific frequency when it is healthy, that frequency lowers if that cell or organ is stressed, diseased or bombarded with toxins. This therapy raises the vibration back to its healthy state to heal and restore optimal health.   There are 1600 settings to choose from including but not limited to liver support, endocrine stimulation, diabetes and even stress.

Each session is $95               

Tripolar Non-Surgical Facelift                          and Body Sculpting

If you are looking for a painless alternative for having a face lift, botox or liposuction here is your answer.  We are able to use Radio Frequency and ultrasonic cavitation to  liquify fat cells so that they can be eliminated from the body while also greatly stimulating the production of new collagen.  You can expect to see tightened skin and reduced cellulite, reduction of circumference in treated area and an overall contoured appearance.  You can choose to focus on face, arms, abdomen, legs or glutes. 

30min $150

60min $250                

Spa Package for Two

Unwind with this luxurious escape into relaxation as you each receive a heavenly head to toe experience. You will each be in the same room while receiving the Satori Signature Facial and also a wonderful full body massage to enhance your overall well being, melt away stress and relieve muscle tension. You will leave this two hour service looking radiant and feeling rejuvenated. 

120min $395 for 2